InternetGuru Content Management System


IGCMS is an commercial web content management system optimised for effective web page creation. As our collaborator you can use the system in two different variants according to automatic updating.

Advantages compared to other CMS

IGCMS is being run and maintained globally for all its instances (websites). Thus providing comfort and consistent interface across all websites.

No more installation, no hosting establishing, no manual bug fixing
System runs on our servers and creating web is a matter of one click.
No more troubles with not-paying customers
Whenever your client stops paying, you can freeze your tarif and run web for free.
No more limited syntax
You can edit any content directly in HTML, CSS, JS or via own simplified interface.
No more time consuming content copying
Structured content can be imported from a single Google or MS Word document!
No more manual optimisation
All source files are automatically optimised for fast response; browser compatibility, minimise data transfer and request amount.


You can use the system for commercial websites in two variants according to automatic updates. All updates including MAJOR are available in both variants on demand. Hosting and operations are complementary.

Tarif Name
Automatic Updates
Backwards-compatible hotfixes.
Price per instance
Tarif Name
Automatic Updates
Functionality in a backwards-compatible manner.
Price per instance
10 USD a month

Technology and Features

IGCMS is constantly being developed to maintain stability and increase performance. Also new extensions and features are being created according to our clients. Administration is optimized for effective usage by experts.

  • Websites are fully administrable via web browser interface as well as using file protocol (SFTP).
  • Backups and logs are being created automatically and are accessible also via browser interface.
  • Simple and transferable configuration files allow effective creation of mirror websites.
  • Integrated page-speed optimisation maximize browser compatibility, web services integration (such as search engines), page load speed and using three-level cache.
  • Focus on information architecture supporting hierarchical and other content organization structures.
  • Advanced user variables and functions including specific user administration interface.
  • Keyboard shortcut support supporting fast and effective administration as well as web browsing.
  • Integrated Google Analytics support including events and its automatic deactivation during administration.
  • Simple image management with automatic thumbs resizing and specific alternatives.
  • Relyable contact forms with automatic validation and advanced HTML5 features.